Refer a friend


Get 100 Smiles for each referral in the Happi Refer A Friend program


Here are the steps involved in the Refer-A-Friend program:-

1) Fill in your name, email address and mobile number in the form below.

2) Confirm the mobile number and name of your friends who you wish to refer.

3) Ask your friends to install Happi.  Once they have installed they should send a quick message to asking for the link to HappiQuiz (Please note The HappiQuiz app may impact phone performance and battery life.   You must use an Android phone version 5.0 or higher).

4) Your friends must install HappiQuiz with the link provided and accept the necessary permission settings.

5) You will earn 100 Smiles once your referral has completed 2 weeks of monitoring.


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Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions

 *You will receive 100 Smiles for each person you refer when both you and the person you refer completes 2 weeks of monitoring.
Happi reserves the right to end / amend / replace the referral programme at any given time. The Refer-A-Friend program is currently only available in the Philippines.

Refer-A-Friend Form