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How it works

Happi pays people up to $50 per month for their participation in our mobile research.

We select just a small number of people in each country.

We pay Happi users a rate of US$9 per hour for giving answers, pics or recordings to survey questions. Some days there will be no surveys to answer, other days there will be some, and on some days there will be lots. It depends on what our clients want to ask and who they want to ask.

Happi invites some people to participate in mobile monitoring, which pays up to US$30 per month. Only a few thousand people in each country are selected.

We pay generously to people who participate honestly. We remove people who give false information or don’t follow the instructions.

To apply

1. Download Happi
2. Complete the registration form
3. Upload a selfie with a picture ID held below your chin

Applicants must be over 16 years old and have a valid picture ID with a recent photo. We need the selfie to confirm the information provided is true. If you don’t want to upload a selfie, then there is no reason to download Happi.

After your registration data is confirmed, you will begin to receive survey questions on the app. You will receive Smiles for every survey response. You can use these Smiles to get any of the rewards on Happi or donate them to any of the charities and community groups we support.

Your data is used for consumer market research purposes only. We never release personal data. We never allow third parties to contact our participants. Happi provides you with an honest, transparent, and generous way to allow consumer brands to understand your preferences so they can deliver productsand services that make you happy.

Join Happi today to be heard and be rewarded.

Ezekiel Relles

This is the best application I have ever had.
It helps people to have what they want while
raising funds. Thank you for making this app.
I hope that I win something from this app.
I will recommend this to my friends.

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