Introducing HappiTrails!

Happi enables Filipinos to use their opinions as currency! So far, we have given away PHP 1,172,304 in prizes and PHP 423,021.61 in donations to over 90+ Philippine charities and student groups as rewards for survey responses.

Now, we go to the next level with HappiTrails. HappiTrails combines surveys with mobile metering. You install an app called AnalyzeMe , which records the apps you install, uninstall, and use along with the web sites you visit and terms you search. Based on your mobile activity, we send you more survey questions on Happi. This gives you more chances to win!

We give participants:

* P300 in mobile load every month
* Weekly trivia 5-question contests paying P10,000 to the winner
* More survey questions which means more money to your cause and more chances to win prizes for you!

To participate, fill in the form below and then tap on the appstore icon to download and register on Happi. When we see your registation, we will email you information about how to install AnalyzeMe to participate in HappiTrails. To be eligible for the HappiTrails programme you must be using an Android device. If you are on iOS please write in to support@happi.sg and we will add you to the waitlist.

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