HappiRewards 2020 – Philippines

What is the HappiRewards panel?

The HappiRewards panel is a reliable panel of participants who are ready and willing to participate in mobile research so that we can do faster work for our clients and the participants can earn rewards.


  • PHP 1,000 every month.
  • Get rewarded DAILY with 40 Smiles.
  • Get 220 free bonus Smiles for every 7 days of successful monitoring.
  • Use Smiles to GET REWARDS – CASH, Phone Credits, Load, Puregold, SM vouchers, Steam wallets and much more! 
  • Get access to exclusive lower value prizes.
  • You can also DONATE Smiles to your favorite charity.


  • Android 7.0 phone or higher (except LG G3 smartphone or Oppo smartphones)
  • Females aged 20-44
  • You must be the primary decision maker for hair care and laundry in your household.
  • Participate for 3 months (29 Feb 2020 to 31st May)
  • Frequent viewer of network TV
  • Home wifi
  • Note: Monitoring will impact phone performance and battery life. You must keep monitoring on and remain compliant to earn your Smiles
  • Note: Monitoring will aggregate information about what you do on your phone. You must consent to this to earn the rewards. No personally identifiable information will ever be released
  • Enable monitoring settings on Happi once you have been selected.
  • Keep monitoring on for at least 30 days. We pay every day and bonus payments every week.  The longer you keep monitoring on, the more Smiles you get.
  • Upload pics of all of the hair care (SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER ONLY) and laundry care (DETERGENT AND SOFTENER ONLY) products you buy when you buy them for every day of the study period.
  • Upload pics of all the hair care (SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER ONLY) and laundry care (DETERGENT AND SOFTENER ONLY) products you use when you use them for everyday of the study period.
  • If you submit non-compliant pics you may not be able to receive your rewards and you may be removed from the panel
  • Please upload pics using the “Upload Pics” button on the Happi app.
  • Each time you upload a pic you must select either USAGE PRODUCT or PURCHASED PRODUCT.
  • Answer survey questions on Happi to receive your Smiles. Answer HONESTLY!
  • Refrain from using too many apps while watching TV.


  • Read all survey questions carefully and answer truthfully.   If, for example, you answer “no” to joining the monitoring panel you will not be able to participate.
  • When prompted tap the ACTIVATE HAPPIREWARDS -REGISTER HAPPIREWARDS – HAPPIREWARDS buttons on the home screen of Happi and accept the various permissions to start monitoring.
  • Upload pictures of the haircare and laundry care products you buy every day of the study using the “Upload Pics” button located on the menu of the Happi app.  Select either the purchase or usage button each time you submit your picture.
  • You must make sure the lighting and focus are good on the pictures you submit and the packaging is easy to read.
  • Note: you will only see the pic upload button once monitoring has started.
  • Remember to stay compliant to be eligible for your Smiles.

Contact support@happi.sg with any questions or concerns.