HappiRadio Philippines

HappiRadio 2020


  • Guaranteed PHP 1,000 in cash every month
  • Paid PHP 200 weekly.  Last week of each month paid PHP 400


  • Android 5.0 phone or higher (except LG G3 smartphone)
  • Participate for 3 months
  • 24/7 Wifi in the location of your radio set
  • Join our Whatsapp group community
  • Remain highly compliant during the project.  This means you must have set up your device correctly and data is being transmitted


  • Install AnalyzeMe app (a customised invite will be sent via email and SMS)
  • Follow the instructions to set up AnalyzeMe app correctly. You will be required to give your permission for the app to access accessibility, location etc.
  • Place your mobile device next to your assigned radio station 24/7
  • Keep your mobile device charged
  • Your assigned radio station must be turned on!
  • Make sure your device is on wifi!
  • Leave your device next to your radio set, playing your assigned radio channel 24/7.
  • Easy!
  • Claim your weekly CASH rewards!!
  • No personally identifiable information will ever be released

To apply to join the HappiRadio panel please complete the form below.   If you are selected we will contact you within 48 hours.