What is Happi?

Happi is a consumer insight and engagement application that benefits three groups:

Users – Happi rewards users for responding to survey questions with chances to win prizes they select, donations to the charity, group or cause they support, Smiles which can be redeemed to for any prize on Happi, and promotions, invitations and possibly even job opportunities that are aligned with their survey responses.

Community groups – Happi donates money to community groups of all kinds including teams, leagues, student groups, charities, NGOs, and community groups. We donate a fixed amount for every 5-questions supporters of that group complete.

Clients – Happi sells the survey response data and promotion delivery service to clients. Happi uses the resulting revenue to make the donations, buy the prizes, and fund our operations. Happi offers clients lightning fast responses, laser precision, and disruptively low prices.

How does Happi make money?

Many of the questions on Happi come from our clients. Clients pay us for the responses to their questions from our users. Clients can purchase custom reports, syndicated reports, promotion distribution services, and database subscriptions. Happi receives no money from our users and charges no fees to the community groups we support with donations.

What does Happi do with my data?

As detailed in our Privacy Statement, Happi uses, analyzes, packages and sells user response data to clients. We also include age, gender, nationality, residence location and other profile information users provide when they register and through survey responses. Happi never releases personally identifiable information like name, email, or mobile numbers to third parties without the user’s prior confirmed consent. In some countries, Happi works with a local market research partner. In these countries, the local market research partner has access to the personal information so they can contact users for support, prize fulfillment, and other purposes. The local market research partner does not release personal information to any third party. No organization other than Happi or its local partner will ever contact you directly other than through questions or promotions on the Happi app.

How can I win prizes on Happi?

There are three ways to win prizes on Happi: 1) win a lucky draw, 2) redeem Smiles, 3) win a Random Act of Happiness

Lucky draws are raffles or lotteries through which one person will win the prize. The lucky draw is run when there have been a sufficient number of survey completions by people who selected that prize. The number of survey completions necessary and the number already completed can be seen on the product detail screen. You can select the same prize an unlimited number of times. Many Happi users select products that are fresh so they can build up many chances to win before it goes to lucky draw. Other users like to select only products that are above 90% complete because they want faster results. B

Smiles are the internal currency on Happi. Users get Smiles for responding to survey questions marked with a smiley face in the top right corner. Some questions pay multiple Smiles, some pay one, some pay none. We send push notifications when questions offering Smiles are available for you. Profiling questions and qualifying questions don’t pay out Smiles, but your responses to those questions qualify you for Smile paying questions in the future.

Every prize on Happi has a “price”, which is both the number of Smiles the product costs and also the number of survey completions necessary for that prize to be given away in a lucky. You can redeem prizes by tapping on Redeem from the product detail page.

There is no relationship between your chances to win prizes in the lucky draws and your number of Smiles. Every time you select a prize and answer 5-questions, you get one more chance to win that prize when it goes to lucky draw. You can redeem your Smiles to get any product on Happi and that will not impact your chances to win the lucky draws you have already entered.

You cannot win any prizes while on Time Out (see below). Also, you can use Smiles to redeem prizes that are currently active and available on Happi only. If a prize is taken off Happi because it has been won, it may not be available for award by Smile redemption.

Random Acts of Happiness are conducted on Fridays. We randomly select one person who has completed at least 10 surveys that calendar month and give the selected users one of the prizes he/she has selected. It is a good strategy to take 10 surveys early each month to increase the number of Random Acts you might win that month.

What are Smiles and how do I get them?

Smiles are the internal currency on Happi. You earn Smiles by responding to survey questions. Users receive multiple Smiles for answering some questions, 1 Smile for answering others, and 0 Smiles for other questions. For example, profiling and qualification questions earn 0 Smiles, but the responses help us target questions that do provide Smiles.

Even if a question doesn’t provide a Smile, the user still gets an additional chance to win the prize they select in the lucky draw and Happi makes an additional donation to the user’s cause for every survey the user completes.

What are demerits and Time Outs?

Happi is a market research app and, therefore, the quality of our response data is critical to our continued success and operation. We monitor responses to identify people who do not give honest and thoughtful answers. We are looking for speeders (people who consistently answer questions faster than 4 seconds), straight-liners (people who select the response in the same position on the screen on many questions), consistency failures (people who answer a question like “how many siblings did you grow up with” differently when asked again, and false-positives (people who provide positive answers to obviously false questions). For each of these acts, a user gets one demerit. If 3 demerits are received in a month, the user goes onto Time Out for 3 months. They will be unable to receive more questions and they will be ineligible to win any of the prizes they have already selected.

How many questions will I get?

The most questions you can receive are 50 per day, 250 per week, and 500 per month. However, there is no guarantee that we will have that many questions for every person. Each survey requires an average of 300 responders, and each survey requires a different balance of demographic, location, and socio-economic profiles.

The best way to ensure you get the most number of questions is to check Happi every day at 6 PM. We release new questions at 6 PM, and only 6 PM, every day.

What is the HappiQuiz Challenge?

The HappiQuiz Challenge is a contest open to users who commit to responding to a minimum of 5 questions every day. On Thursdays, we send those who qualify a survey question informing them what time the HQ Challenge will begin the following day. On the Friday, we send out 5 trivia questions. Some are very easy. Some will require research. Some require the user to go to another site or app and search for a code.  The person who responds to all 5 questions correctly the fastest wins S$250 (or equivalent in local currency). Winners must come to our office or other mutually agreed location to collect the cash. When they do, we check their official ID card to confirm their details are the same as their profile data on Happi. If the profile data is not consistent with the ID card, the prize is forfeited. We will take a picture of the winner and distribute on our social media and website to show people that real people are really winning. If the winner does not permit us to show this proof, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the next fastest responder.

How can I communicate with Happi?

Please email us at support@happi.sg or use the Contact Happi form from the app menu list.

How many accounts can I use?

Each person is allowed only one user account. If we find people creating multiple accounts on different devices are registering multiple accounts on the same device, each of those accounts will be blacklisted. If we find multiple attempts to create and use multiple accounts by the same individual, we will block that individual from Happi for life.