What is Happi?

What is Happi?

Happi is a market research app that provides generous compensation to people who participate honestly in market research projects. 

How does Happi pay me?

Happi’s internal currency is called a Smile. We add Smiles to your wallet for each survey response or day of monitoring compliance. You can use those Smiles to get any of the prizes listed on Happi. Each prize shows the number of Smiles necessary. When you select a prize, the required number of Smiles is reduced from your wallet. You then enter the mobile number of the person you want to receive the prize. This can be yourself or any other Happi user, but the mobile number entered must be that of a registered and active Happi user. 

 The number of Smiles you can earn on Happi depends on your level of participation. You can participate on a survey level only, and this pays between $5 and $10 per hour depending on the volume of questions available for you. For projects requiring monitoring, picture taking or other forms of participation, an additional $10-$20 per month is available. Our goal is for every user to receive $30 per month in compensation, but actual compensation depends on your level of participation. 

How many questions will I get?

Some users will receive many more questions than others.  Questions come from clients who target people of specific profiles and/or who give specific responses to specific questions. Users who participate in our tracking studies or long-term diary studies will receive many questions every day. Users who participate in the HappiRewards panel will receive compensation simpy for allowing monitoring in addition to more compensation for answering survey questions. 

When there are new surveys for which you qualify, you will receive a push notification. When you receive this, return to the Happi App and tap on Take Survey as soon as you can. Surveys require limited numbers of responses and the survey closes when enough responses have been received. If you are slow to respond to the push notification, the survey may close before you get to it. 

How does Happi make money?

We collect data from our users and sell the data to our clients. The data may be limited to survey questions or may include mobile activity data, purchased product pictures, and/or location information. Clients can purchase custom reports, syndicated reports, ad testing services, and other custom research services. Happi receives no money from our users.

What does Happi do with my data?

Happi uses, analyzes, packages and sells user response data to clients. We also include age, gender, nationality, residence location and other profile information users provide when they register and through survey responses. In the case of users who ask to participate in our HappiRewards panel, we also include data regarding mobile activity and advertisement exposures. Happi never releases personally identifiable information like name, email, or mobile numbers to third parties. Happi and its support contractors in each country use the personal information to contact users for support and reward fulfillment purposes only.  No organization other than Happi or its local partner will ever contact you directly other than through questions or promotions on the Happi app. 

You may receive promotions or offers to participate in third party studies via Happi. You may accept or reject these offers as you wish. If you accept a promotion or participate in a third-party study, you may be asked to provide your personal information. It is your choice whether to provide this information or not and your relationship with this third party is between you and them. Happi is not responsible for what information you provide these third parties or what they do with it.

What are demerits and Time Outs?

Happi is a market research app and, therefore, the quality of our response data is critical to our continued success and operation. We monitor responses to identify people who do not give honest and thoughtful answers. We look for speeders (people who consistently answer questions too quickly), , straight-liners (people who select the response in the same position on the screen on many questions), consistency failures (different answers provided to the same question over a period of time), and false-positives (people who provide positive answers to obviously false statements). We also look for uses who give nonsense answers to open-ended questions. 

For each of these acts, a user gets one demerit. If 3 demerits are received in a month, the user goes onto Time Out for 2 weeks. They will be unable to receive more questions and they will not be able to receive rewards during the timeout period.  

When will I receive my prize? 

Depending on the prize and the volume of prizes at the time, you may receive the prize you select via your mobile phone in a few hours or up to one week. We try to process the prizes as fast as we can, but we do need to verify the honest participation of each person before sending the prize, and this check can take some time.

How can I communicate with Happi?

Please email us at support@happi.sg or use the Contact Happi form from the app menu list. 

Why would Happi reject or ban me?

Our goal is to pay generous rewards to people who provide honest participation. To do that, we have to aggressively protect ourselves from dishonest people and user fraud. We will reject or remove people for these types of behavior:

  1. Inaccurate registration information – We ask each user to upload a selfie of themselves holding a picture ID so that we can confirm that the age, gender and name on the registration form is consistent with the picture and the information on the ID card. We delete the images immediately after we accept or reject the application, so if you have been rejected and want to try again, you will need to upload a new image.
  2. Multiple user accounts – Each user is allowed to have one user account and each user account can be used on only one phone and each phone can have only one account. Any attempt to create or use multiple accounts on multiple devices will result in banning. If you need to change your device, please contact support@happi.sg. We will help you with the switch to a new phone.
  3. Non-compliance – Dishonest registration information or survey responses may result in termination. Also, users who fail to keep monitoring turned on on their phones will be removed from the HappiRewards panels. 
  4. Abusing Happi staff – We work very hard to provide the fastest, most helpful, professional and polite service we possibly can. Users who communicate with our staff in rude or abusive language may be removed from the Happi panel so that we can protect our staff from abuse. 

Last updated: April 13, 2020