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Total Prizes and Contributions as of 31st August 2018


Number of Prizes Happi Users Have Received to Date


Value (SGD) of Prizes Happi Users Have Received to Date


Value (SGD) of Contributions Happi Partners Have Received

Happi Downloads 68,073

Prize Winners

  • Singapore Winner

    Angelique Poh won a Pandora – Moments Silver Bracelet. Congratulations!

  • Indonesia Winner

    Rizka won a Logitech G502 Gaming mouse. Congratulations!

  • Philippines Winner

    Jeffrey Luna won a Nikon D3200 camera. Congratulations!

  • Thailand Winner

    N’Sittisak won sony headphones. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Lee Yan Jun won a PS4 Pro 1TB Gaming Console. Congratulations!

  • Myanmar Winner

    Ko Aye Chan won a 10,000 MMK Top up. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Gan Sun Chun won a Marshall Speaker. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Donald  won a Marshall Major II Bluetooth. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Jasper won a Men’s Daniel Wellington wristwatch. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Xing Yao won a Mountain Bike. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    Samantha Song won a Razer gaming mouse. Congratulations!

  • Singapore Winner

    ShunLee won a Fitbit Blaze band. Congratulations!


  • Q: How Does Happi Help Me Find Career Opportunities?

    A: Many of the questions come from the HR departments of leading companies looking for talent with specific mindsets and perspectives. Based on your answers, you could be invited to interviews.

  • Q: Is it really free? What’s the catch?

    A: There is no catch. Clients pay Happi for the survey responses. We use a portion of that to buy the prizes and a portion to give to the charities. Everything on Happi is FREE to the user. There’s no payment gateway on Happi. No way for us to get money from any user. We also don’t charge the charities any money for fundraising on Happi.

  • Q: What does Happi do with my personal data?

    A: We sell the survey responses with demographic breakdown only. No personal data is ever released. Happi never gives your personal data to anyone. You decide which promotions or interview requests you want to respond to. If you aren’t interested, ignore it. If you are, tap on it. Our clients will not be able to contact you in any way other than through the Happi app.


Happi believes market research should benefit the clients who pay for it, the people who participate in it, and the groups, causes and communities those participants care about. We started Happi to build a platform that can be effective for clients while also benefiting partners including charities, student groups, NGOs, and any kind of community group that makes people happy.

For every 5-question survey completed on Happi, the Happi partner that user selects receives another donation. Clients pay Happi for the responses and a portion of this money goes to pay for the prizes people win and a portion goes to the donations to the partner groups.

Users get a free way to get prizes and support their cause. Partners get free funding and the ability to survey their supporters. Clients get fast, easy, and cost-effective insights from and engagement with consumers. Everyone wins.

That’s why we call Happi a platform for People Helping People.

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